What Is Wireless Internet?

Dasia.Net Wireless Internet uses radio signals rather than physical lines to transmit data bi-directionally from a tower to an antenna/radio connected to your PC. Your radio transmits and receives data to Dasia.Netís Internet backbone, allowing high-speed broadband access up to 1.4 Gbps to the Internet without the need for phone lines or cable.

How Does It Work?
A LAN Ethernet connection from your network hub or computer will be connected to a router/firewall for Internet Security. From the router/firewall, a WAN Ethernet connection will be made to a high-speed data two-way radio. The high speed two-way radio will be connected to a special antenna cable to an antenna placed on your rooftop which will send and receive data to our backbone antennas located at a nearby tower location.

Is Wireless Internet Available in my Area?

With clear line-of-sight to one of Dasia.Netís tower locations, there is a 99.9% opportunity to deliver high-speed wireless Internet to your location. Without clear line-of-sight, a site survey must be performed to determine whether service can be delivered. DasiaíNetís wireless Internet service can be delivered up to 60 milesóDasia.Netís longest link to date is currently 30.1 miles. Click Here to View Our Service Areas

What Are the Benefits of Wireless Internet?

  • Lightning Fast Speeds Up To 1.4 Gbps

  • No Phone Required, No Busy Signals

  • Always Connected

  • Static IP Address Assignment

  • 128 bit WEP Security

  • Operate Multiple Computers on the Same Connection

  • Plenty of bandwidth for full featured Video Teleconferencing and Streaming Media

  • Connect Remote Offices to one another via Virtual Private Networking

  • High Speed Connectivity in locations where other high speed services are unavailable